Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back Logged WIP

After finishing building my new orc army; which was hard to put to the side, I jumped back on my promise to finished some back logged projects before going forward with too many new ones.

A while ago a little adventure began for the White Dwarf rules, "movie marines". That transformed into different plans to adopt into Forge World's Zone Mortalis, and the independently made, "Special Operations Killzone.

Lease to say, right now it is a bunch of converted space marines, terminators, and a flying rhino. Coming into the summer my goal to get through the 15 or so marines before jumping onto the previously dominated posts about Dol Guldor and Biblo's Birthday Bash.

So here we have 3 more space marines almost ready to get chewed up by some bugs. Some work on the bolters remains.

 A Boarding Shield terminator with custom lightning claws. Going to have a busted up adeptus mechanics decal on the shield. 
 This the leader/sgt of the group, built his own tyranid light saber.

  Then there is the Iron Man warmachine inspired jump pack marine. The power weapons and missile combustion were chosen to offset the black power armor.

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  1. These are really good. I like all the conversions you've done. And the colour scheme is brill. Really popping.


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