Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Gang is All Here

Zoinks! Another mystery is on our hands; the case of the missing green stuff and who broke all those pinning drill bits....

Scooby's house of horrors is developing nicely with the pouring of it's dried up river bed.

 This was the first layer of sand and will be getting a couple more to develop some contours. The whole left side of the cliff is glued down now, the castle is waiting on the electronics to arrive.
 Finally found a use for the last bits of moria goblin ruins....

Here was the concept art of the river bed.... I totally passed 1st grade.

The last of the pin drill bits ate it while finishing up the orc and warg bases. In the end, it was just melting plastic through friction, not drilling. Here are a couple of my favorites.

 All the cork basing will match up with different parts of the river bed for the most part. These models really started to grow on me after initial distaste.
 I was able to again get some life out of 1 GW kit, and used the extra fell warg heads on the old warg models to give them a unified look.

While this guy doesn't have the Predator shoulder mounted plasma canon, Arnold would still have a little trouble with this guy if they met in a jungle somewhere. I like to throw in a bit of movie inspiration in some models.

 Thankfully the writers block on the tower left me and I got to hacking up wall sections for this ruined bell tower. The shade will be sitting up there and 2 LED lights will be fed up through the floor combined with cotton ball fog effects.
 Going to add the rest of the collapsed top to the courtyard, there is too clean a feel to the abandoned Dol Guldor.
The shade is finally where I want him to be. Added in another spooky hand coming out of the abyss and more wispy ghost goo.


  1. Very interesting, enjoying watching this develop...

  2. wow. that shade is spectacular. really deserves a post of it's own to highlight it in more detail. I've been trying to find a shade alternate model, and now I have some serious inspiration!

    the fortress and orcs are looking fantastic too.


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