Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adepticon 2014

Yeah so that happened.... onto the news! Don't touch that dial! 

With the multitude of post Adepticon posts I will throw mine into the hat. We are going to start off that lone NCO above. His squad was eliminated, he passed his check, and he readied himself. The next turn he charged the German machine gun team, with sword drawn and a prayer to his ancestors wiped them out. There is no spoon. 

 Friday started with the Lord of the Rings tournament. A low key event with a bunch of new faces this year. I brought my Orcs of Dol Guldor to get some more game time with this fantastic force. This was my first game against John at He brought a Rohan force from the Pelenor. The hill was bloody with the orcs coming through in the end thanks to the powerful, ghostly shade.

And then I forgot to take anymore pictures.

In the end, my orcs and ghosts received a best appearance award, winning the tie breaker with a fantastic Game of Thrones themed force.

Friday night was the Legends of the High Seas event. This was a bring and play event with each player bringing a royal navy or pirate crew. My previous post showed off the Perry Brothers Hessians I used for royal navy.

They were also fortunate to come away from a tight appearance battle and won the tie breaker from multiple Golden Demon winning judges having to decide.

The navy engages the pirates at the foot of the Spanish ruins

 Saturday I had to work so I missed on all those events. But if you played or saw the Adeptus Titanicus game, supplied the smoke markers and giant, light up mushroom clouds.
 The Japanese fought hard all day, facing tough Russians, Germans, and Finnish forces. From my tournament experiences, the folks down in Arizona love air support. The folks in the mid-west love armor.

The whole field was saturated with double platoons and double tanks. Really tough for a mostly infantry powered armor to combat. Something to consider when playing in different parts of the country.
The deflector shield was fully operational....

 An armored car squared off against the ineffective Japanese anti-tank gun.
 People really seemed to enjoy playing on German North Africa Airfield. A lot of cover, just how it should be!

The double tank onslaught destroyed the Japanese forces. 32 machine shots a turn were devastating.... Could have really used some bazookas. 

The Japanese tied for Best Appearance, but this time the award went to John at plastic legions, linked above, for his Red Devils. 

And that was Adepticon. Up next for me here will be some Malifaux Neverborn. Followed by some more Iron Hands terminators for an undisclosed future Adepticon Project. 

Also, a new bolt action army is in the beginning stages.

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