Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adepticon Off the Port

Avast! Adepticon is a couple days away and the Royal Navy is ready to take the fight to those pirate scally wags.

These Royal Marines will be charged with capturing and dispatching pirates and scum of the sea in the ruins of Panama. This historic event will be replayed at Adepticon in a big game, on a big board, with multiple crews all facing off against each other. Live scoring and multiple in game events will keep this game crazy and exciting.

The Sacking of Panama

 I believe I will be one of the only Royal Navy players so the task has been charged to me to represent the crown's best interests and see that justice is dispatched.
 Post wig painting, these guys may not have all actually had wigs on a boat, so they will be going with the formal, stuffy look. But don't take the pretentious looks for they're stern character.

These models are from the Perry Brothers. They are actually Revolutionary War Hessian models. I really liked they're look and they fit right onto a colonial frigate or protecting a port.

Check back for Adepticon coverage!

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