Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back Lot Tour: Osgiliath

First off, welcome to my blog, I am the Chef of War and hope you enjoy my hobby projects. I wanted to introduce viewers to some of my previous works before jumping into my newer projects via the Back Lot Tour!

First stop on our tour is the Ruins of Osgiliath. This began on 2005 and was finished in 2006 due to a long time gathering dust in between construction and painting.

Many if not most of my terrain projects are based in The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and this board was built before my familiarity with our now standard 4x4 foot games. The measurements are around 5x3.5 feet.

This project began as scribbles in a notebook back in high school and turned into my first large scale terrain project. Many factors affected the slow build time, mainly the cutting and laying of the tile road. The buildings with windows and doors started as templates to make foam cutting a lot easier.

Warhammer fans out there can pick out the beastmen head sprues that went into this fountain. Other locations are as gargoyles on the large watch tower building with the buttress supports.

I call this large temple like building the wedding cake. I spent some time at a wedding supply store to pick out columns and all sort of short cut architecture pieces; the result being this open ruins.

I do not know what came first, the idea to make this a board for the strategy battle game or just something to use those book ends that came with the Fellowship of the Ring extended edition. Either way, 2 molds later I had one of the many bridges that dot the city.

Unfortunately this board does not make for very different games as mostly it comes down to fighting on the bridges if you do not change deployment zones from your standard back edge.

That is it for now, I hope you liked the terrain, these Back Lot Tours will be updated quiet frequently as I come up to speed with current projects.

Check back for our next stop on the Walls of Minas Tirith!

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