Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back Lot Tour: The Walls of Minas Tirith

We are back! The Back Lot Tour rolls onto the land of  Minas Tirith.

Way back in the year 2010 my friend Tim over at asked me to make him some terrain for his awesome lord of the rings strategy battle game Indy Grand Tournament, Gathering in the Desert. Terrain has always been a key staple at the event and I had to make sure this was up to par.
 This project was a need to actually use my old warhammer fortress walls that were left wanting paint. I wanted to recreate the gatehouse as that is quite the iconic setting from the movies. The pieces had to be fair for a tournament setting while still being an eye candy board.
 This was the setup for the tournament and it looked pretty fair for either corner or edge deployments. As it turned out, this was one the final board for the last round of the tournament. The central gatehouse turned out to not be fair on all sides and favored one edge to another as an arrow screen for an easy digging up of the artifact.
 The Shadow in the East SBG Indy tournament in Florida took some inspiration from this and changed their fortress to a square format.

 Something I knew from the start was that the extra tree and rock terrain was going to be fall foliage. In my opinion terrain and boards need color variation just like models. Anytime their is a wintery board I cannot say no to it. It is like playing Madden, who doesn't turn on the super blizzard or rain weather options?

That concludes our Back Lot Tour stop in Minas Tirith. Up next we travel North West to the Inn of The Prancing Pony!

Also, some folk up here in Chicagoland are going to be starting a Tale of Four Gamers in which we will be building fresh, 600 point Lord of The Rings armies over five months with updates due on the first of each month. This in preparation for the upcoming 2012 tournament season!

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