Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers: Chicago Edition

September 1st is going to kick off our Chicago based Tale of Four Gamers. This group formed between us when we wanted to build new armies with Adepticon on the horizon. Without further ado, here is our group.

Brent Sinclair -
Jeremy Williams –
Jamie Welling –
Chris Balke –

Some basic rules:

5 month competition
600 point armies
150 points built and painted by the end of each month.
5th month will be a display board and finishing model bases

Points will be awarded for model quotas finished on time as well as points for game results as we get together to play test the new forces.

Here is my army list for the coming tale.

Moria Miscreants

Cave Drake
2 Goblin Shamans
21 Goblins w/shields
18 Goblin spearmen
3 Goblin spearmen w/shields
21 Goblin prowlers w/bows

So check back on the 1st of September for the first of our model quotas.

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  1. Good luck! I'm looking forward to crushing you repeatedly!! Muwhahahaha